About us

DiAX is a partnership of experts in digital accessibility. The partners combine their expertise to carry out large or complex assignments. You can contact us for long-term assignments or within a framework contract. For example, we test Antwerp websites and apps for Digipolis, we advise the developers at KBC bank and we are working on a project about artificial intelligence for the federal government department BOSA.

DiAX is legally a project of the non-profit organisation Koninklijke Maatschappij voor Blinden en Slechtzienden (KMBS). These are the partners:


logo AnySurfer


AnySurfer wants an accessible digital world where everyone can participate, including people with disabilities. We do this by:

  • Spreading information about the accessibility of websites and digital documents.
  • Guiding and advising website owners on accessibility improvements.
  • Working together structurally with web design companies or agencies.
  • Organising training for web builders and editors.
  • Raising awareness among students via the accessibility monitor.


logo Eleven Ways

Eleven Ways

Eleven Ways is a consulting company specialised in Inclusive Design and Digital Accessibility. In our Accessibility Lab in Ghent, we research the accessibility of websites, apps and documents. We do this with and for people with disabilities, elderly people and people with limited digital skills. We also guide organisations who want to comply with international standards and guidelines on digital accessibility. Eleven Ways is certified by The International Association of Accessibility Professionals and has been a loyal partner of governments, website builders and design agencies in Belgium and the Netherlands for many years.


VeBeS is a user and volunteer association within the Licht en Liefde-network. The association is run by experts by experience, who each have their own visual impairment and now what is going on in society. This makes VeBeS ideally placed to give advice to all cooperating partners and to stand up for the interests of people who live partially sighted or blind.

These organisations rely on the expertise of DiAX

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