WCAG Accessibility Audit

For an existing website/app

A WCAG Accessibility Audit helps organisations gain a full understanding of the accessibility of an existing website or application, and what needs to be done to reach accessibility guidelines. You receive a detailed report with findings and recommendations. In addition, there is an online consultation where you can ask questions about the report. Finally, you will also receive a template for an accessibility statement.

WCAG Guidance

For a yet to be built website/app

In a WCAG guidance track we help organisations from the first design of the website or application to get a complete insight into accessibility, and offer support in all steps of the development process to comply with accessibility guidelines. At the end of the project you receive an audit of the end result, a detailed report with findings and recommendations, an online consultation to discuss the results and a template for an accessibility statement.

Expert Reviews

For any product in any phase

Via an expert review you get feedback on a mockup, templates, Adobe Indesign, or mobile apps (iOS, Android). You will receive a report with advice on each problem and possible solutions. Our advice describes the impact on people with disabilities and includes code examples or screen shots.


  • Accessibility for front-end developers
  • Editor training
  • Creating accessible PDF documents
  • Publishing accessible videos
  • Planning and securing digital accessibility in the organisation
  • Including writing for the web


Introduction to digital accessibility

We demonstrate how 9 fictional personas with a disability use a computer, the tools they need to do so and the obstacles they have to overcome on live websites. You will learn what it means to make information accessible to as many users as possible.

A speaker on your event

Our experts and experts by experience are experienced speakers (Dutch, English or French). Invite us to a meet-up, study day or conference to talk about digital accessibility.

User research

The purpose of an inclusive user research is to map the wishes of as many users of a digital product as possible. In addition, we expose the weaknesses of your product – especially for people from vulnerable groups and people with limited digital literacy.

  • We test your product with a representative user group, which we recruit according to the project.
  • We deliver a detailed evaluation report full of clear insights, prioritised recommendations and immediately applicable quick wins.
  • Optionally, we make a video montage of the research and present the results in a workshop that all stakeholders can attend.

Operational support

Some examples:

  • Support as a cooperating member of a project team, with focus on accessibility
  • Support with or the production of audio description, subtitles, transcripts, etc.
  • Adaptation of your website/app/pdf to be in line with accessibility guidelines
  • Communication solutions as tactile plates, Braille print, DAISY files (audio), etc.

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