Accessibility training

Accessibility for front-end developers

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) for front-end designers and developers. In this training you’ll receive all information that you need to build an accessible website.

Editor training

We explain all accessibility guidelines that are relevant for editors. Using real examples, you’ll learn to make texts, images, tables and more accessible for everybody.

Creating accessible PDF documents

You want to publish accessible PDF documents that everybody can read? This training teaches you step by step how you get there starting from Microsoft Word or Adobe inDesign. The introduction focusses on the importance of digital accessibility for people with a disability and the assistive technologies they use. After that you’ll learn:

  • How to make an accessible source document in Microsoft Word or Adobe inDesign.
  • How to convert that document to tagged PDF.
  • How to test the accessibility of a PDF document.
  • (Optionally) How to improve the accessibility of an existing PDF document with Acrobat Professional.

Publishing accessible videos

In this training you’ll learn how to make media files accessible for all your visitors. We start from the needs of the users to provide an overview of the different elements that make a video accessible.

  • transcript
  • captions
  • audio description
  • accessible video player

Then we focus mainly on transcript and captions.

Planning and securing digital accessibility in the organisation

This training is meant for communication professionals and product owners in governmental and in commercial environments. You’ll learn more about guidelines and legislation. You’ll receive tips how to spread the knowledge in your organisation and how to write an accessibility statement and much more.

Inclusive writing for the web

Accessible communication starts with a web site where no one gets lost. But how to write clear content that corresponds to the expectations of all users and that does not accidentally exclude someone? In this training you’ll learn to create content that is understandable and accessible for everybody, corresponds to the accessibility guidelines and will be easy to index by search engines.

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